TOLLS - Automated System


Car Rental Companies offer options to pay for tolls with automated solutions that varies by locations:

In general there are two options available in the United States and Canada. 

  •  OPTION 1 - Automated Tolls by Plate -- This option does not require acceptance at time of rental, as it is activate when the renters passes through a TOLL roads.
  • OPTION 2 - TOLLPASS Service - This option is only available if the car rented is equipped with an installed transponder device. 

Either option will have a Convenience Service Charge that ranges between $3.95 to $5.39 per day (when a toll is used) plus the cost of the toll. 

Please refer to the following table to determine how each company we offer, handles their automated Toll Option:

at time of rental
Cost Per Day
Cost Per Rental Period
Program Overview
Valid for rentals originating at locations in Colorado, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Washington,
Puerto Rico and the provincia of Ontario, Canada


  Automatic when
TOLL is used
  $3.95-$5.35 fee per usage day
(24 hr. interval) that customer
incurs tolls, plus tolls (at posted cash/TOLL-BY-PLATE rates)


$30.00 maximum fee per rental period
PLUS tolls (at posted cash/TOL-BY-PLATE rates)


Participation is automatic.

OPT-IN descision is made when the driver
elects to use EXPRESS. SunPass ONLY,
E-PASS only, or Leeway ONLY Lanes



How do I use  an Automated Toll?

Use a designated express lane on all toll roads in the coverage area, there is no need to stop and pay with cash, and no device is needed. Some roads or toll stations in the coverage area are “Electronic Payment Only” and the automated Toll Service may be the only way to pay your toll. Your use of those roads or stations will automatically enroll you in Alamo Rent A Car, or National Car Rental system.

How can avoid Automated Toll Charges?

To avoid Car Rental Automated Toll service charges simply avoid toll roads.

How can I obtain information on charges for this service?

Go to View Receipts and Statements-ALAMO 

Enterprise - View Receipts and Statement

National - View Receipts and Statements

or call (877) 765-5201


Operation of Vehicle on a toll road, where applicable tolls are not paid by the vehicle operator, may subject the Renter to fines, costs and fees. Provider may transfer Renter’s name, address, credit card information and all other data necessary to enable the collection of all tolls and associated charges incurred during the rental period. Renters can elect to use their own transponder on toll roads.