Cancellation Protection Coverage (CPC)

CPC - Cancellation Protection Coverage(CPC)

Cancellation Protection Coverage or CPC, is available during the booking process at an additional non-refundable cost of $25 per rental.

If accepted, all fees associated with the cancellation of a reservation 3 hours prior to the arrival time indicated in the reservation, will be wavied.


  1. CPC must be accepted at time of reservation
  2. Reservation must be cancelled at least 3 hours prior to the arrival time stated in the booking and voucher
    • Cancellation must be processed thorugh the cancellation option, located under MYRESERVATION menu in the home page of
  3. A Voucher Credit Request (VCR) must be sumtitted for the refund within 5 days of pick up time
    • If Unable to process the VCR, send and email to AND