Deposit Requirements

For Rentals in the United States a Major International Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.) is required to rent a vehicle by most car rental companies.

IN FLORIDA, some of the car rental companies have made exceptions to the overall policy to allow resident from the Caribbean and Latin America, the use of Debit Card. The following table will describe the deposit requirements by car rental company:

Car Rental Minimum Required Documentation Type of Rentals Deposit Amount Locations
Non-USA Valid Driver's License
Non-USA Passport
Return Airline/Cruise ticket for the same
arrival and departure date as the return of the vehicle

Valid ONLY for Prepaid Booking

including LDW/CDW

$250 plus estimated rental charges not included in the prepaid voucher

Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando Airport Locations.

West Palm Beach and Tampa may take a cash deposit but it subject to local management approval



No Cash deposit is allowed when renting: Luxury, Convertible, Large SUV's, 8, 12 or 15 Passenger VANS, any other specialty vehicle.

IF Accepted, Debit Cards must be meet the same Minimum Required Documentation and are subject to the same types of vehicle restrictions.

There are some Alamo Rent A Car locations around the United States that may accept cash or a Debit Card as a deposit. It is recommended to check with our Support desk for verfication and special conditions.