Cancellation - Refunds

There are NO Refunds for partially used vouchers

Non-Used prepaid voucher/reservations may be eligible for a refund based on the conditions outlined below.

  • Prepaid Car reservations must be canceled prior to pick up date and time
    • To cancel reservation email or call our office at (561) 244-2374 / 1-866-325-7052 and leave a message.
  • Prepaid Car reservations not canceled prior to pick up date/time, will require extensive research and will sustain delays in processing, as verification of non-rental is required.
  • Hotel reservations are subject to No-Show fees and Cancellation Fee, based on the conditions and dates printed on each hotel voucher. (ask Agents for details)
  • If paid with a credit card, a refund maybe offered as a Credit Coupon for 100% of the voucher value to be used at the same agency for a future reservation.
    • If customer desires the refund to be processed back the credit card, the process is subject to an administrative fee. (ask your agent for details)
  • If paid cash to the Agency, Refund Policies are ruled, by those of the Agency. (please ask your Travel Agent for details)

For additional information on these conditions, please ask your travel agent or contact us directly to

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