How to rent a car at the Miami Airport

In general terms, to rent a car at the Miami International Airport, passengers have to go to the Car Rental Center which is a facility located outside the airport and connected by a train that runs continuosly 24 hours a day.

Take the MIA Mover: After clearing customs or collecting your luggage, follow the signs to the MIA Mover,. This is a free automated people mover system that connects the terminals with the Rental Car Center. The MIA Mover operates 24/7 and runs every few minutes back and forth between the Car Rental Center station and the Airport Terminal Station.

International Arrivals:

Concourse D - American Airlines and other selected major airlines land in the first half of the airport and their passengers are processed by Customs and Immigration through Concourse D. Upon exit from customs and inmigration, you will find yourself at level 1 - follow the signed to the MIA Mover which is located on level 3.

Concourse J - If you arrive on terminal J - most cental american and caribbean airlines, upon exiting customs, look for the people mover bands and head over to the central part of the airport teminals. You are already on level 3, there is no need to tak an elelvator or escalator --- the MIA Mover station is located in the same level.