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Zimple Rentals, Inc. is the parent company for www.zimplebooking.com and www.zimplecars.com

The company is owned and managed by Alex Herrera.

Alex Herrera has more than 30 years experienced in the Travel Industry, focusing his effort in the promotion of Car Rental and Hotel packages through the Caribbean, Latin America and Asia Pacific. As an experience car rental manager, Alex knows how to secure the product and services that will best benefit the traveler from the Caribbean.

After many successful years as a Director of Sales and Marketing for Dollar Rent A Car, where in conjunction with the Travel Agents around the Caribbean, made the Company a household name throughout the Bahamas and rest of the Caribbean; Alex is now making it possible for Caribbean customers to secure Car Rental Services and Hotels Reservations at very affordable pricing and ample availability.

In recent years, the Car Rental Industry has changed its ways about their approach to the Tour Operator and Travel Agency contracted business; while in the past these sectors had preferential treatment; current economic conditions force all Car Rental Agencies to secure their business as soon as possible at the best margin. Unfortunately, the Caribbean traveler is used to travel with minimum advance notice and as a result, at times they find themselves without a car rental and/or a hotel room.

Understanding these market conditions, Alex Herrera secured contracts with several car rental companies among which we can find Alamo Rent A Car, part of the largest car rental group in the world; and with Fox Rent A Car, the fastest growing company in the United States. Alex's effort to diversify its inventory makes it possible to offer more availability and better rates.

As we know, South Florida is, once again, becoming the prime destination for South America, Europe and other areas of the United States. Hotels will become more difficult to reserve with a short notice. Alex has also worked hard on securing contract with providers around the world and aligned Zimple Rentals, Inc. to these companies where their global production and ample availability will benefit the Caribbean traveler. As a result, our hotel site can offer last minute booking and the largest selection of prepaid hotels.

Should you have any questions or require additional assistance please contact Alex Herrera directly at alex.herrera@zimplerentals.com or contact our consumer service department at:

Tel. 561-244-2374
Fax. 561.244.4293
Toll Free: 1-866-325-7052

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